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Over 50's Plan

Over 50’s Plan 

How they work

An over 50s funeral plan is a life assurance policy which pays out a fixed lump sum when you pass away.

They are typically purchased with funeral costs in mind, hence why they are often referred to as funeral expenses plans.


An over 50s plan could work to your financial advantage if you die early in the life of the policy, because your claim will be for more than you have paid in.

While over 50s plans are typically purchased to cover funeral expenses, the money from the claim can be used for something other than the funeral. As such, over 50s plans can be more flexible than funeral plans.

Over 50s plans tend to guarantee acceptance without the need for complicated medical/health checks (as do funeral plans).

Monthly premiums are low which make them an affordable option.

Over 50s plans are guaranteed to pay out from the day you arrange the policy. Please check the small print as this can vary.


If you live longer than expected, you could end up paying more in monthly premiums than the plan pay-out value.

If you stop paying, you may find there is no cash-in value – many over 50s plans require you to keep paying until the end of your life or a set point in the future.

Rising funeral costs means your funeral may end up costing more than your over 50s plan is designed to pay out.


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