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Things to think of

Before the Funeral Director’s visit there are some things for you to think about, including:

• Type of funeral – Burial or Cremation.
• Type of service – Religious, Semi-Religious or Humanist
• Service Music
• Location of funeral
• Arrangements for after the service – refreshments, etc

Payment Options

It’s always difficult to talk about money. However you will be required to pay what are known as ‘Third Party fees’ at the time of arranging a funeral. These fees – sometimes called the ‘disbursements’ are those we have to pay out on your behalf: Medical and cremation certificates, Crematorium fees, Clergy or Humanist fee, for example.

You can pay the balance at the same time, or be invoiced after the funeral.

Alternatively, a growing number of people prefer to take out a pre-paid Funeral Plan in advance, and for which there are several options:

Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

W. Lauderdale & Son Funeral Services have supported and cared for bereaved families since1946. With our pre-paid funeral plans, you have the comfort of knowing all arrangements have been taken care of in advance – and according to your wishes. It is a safe and efficient way to plan and pay for your funeral. These plans offer an excellent way to set out your funeral wishes and also remove a future financial burden for your family when you die.

We offer several bespoke funeral plan payment options, working with our funeral planning trust, Ecclesiastical Planning Services: • Payment outright • Initial deposit followed by monthly payments over one to five years
• Funeral plans can be arranged at any convenient time at our office – alternatively, home appointments can be arranged if preferred.