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Arranging a Funeral

At Lauderdale’s we’re here to guide and support you throughout the process of arranging a funeral. We will help you in any we can to make the experience as easy as possible for you at a difficult time.

 You may be looking for guidance in what to do when someone dies: we can help with that by advising you about the procedures which must be followed surrounding registering someone’s death. Likewise, you may be thinking ahead – either for a loved-one or yourself, and would like to discuss ‘what happens after someone dies’. Our staff are always happy to take the time to answer any questions you may have about this important subject.

 Similarly, you may be looking for advice regarding organising a funeral. We can certainly help with this too. As a well-respected and established family business we offer sixty years professional expertise to help guide and and support you, as you create the perfect farewell for a loved-one. We offer a range of products and services to suit most budgets and wishes, and our experienced, courteous staff are always happy to discuss your circumstances and requirements with you.

 Arrangements can be made at our well-appointed funeral home on Ravensworth Road in Dunston, where our friendly staff will put you at ease and give you the time you need to discuss your requirements. We will explain things to you clearly, simply and accurately, while allowing you plenty of opportunity to ask questions. You will never feel rushed or pressured. Alternatively, arrangements can be made in your own home if you would prefer. Our staff will arrange to visit you at a mutually convenient time.

 At W. Lauderdale and Son Funeral Service we pride ourselves on the quality of the care and support we give to our clients. We respect the privilege of caring for families who have been bereaved and work hard always to provide the highest professional standards and value for money.


What To Do When A Death Occurs

At Home:
When a death occurs at home there a few steps which must be followed, and we are on hand to give advice. However we cannot attend until a death has officially been certified, so give us a call and we will guide you through the process, which is outlined below:

• Notify the patient’s GP immediately - any time, day or night.
• Once death has been certified, call us when you are ready and we will arrange a convenient time to bring your loved-one into our care. This is normally within one hour.

In a Nursing Home, Care Home or Hospice:
Having an End of Life Plan in place is a great help; but If there is no End of Life Plan in place, contact us in advance to discuss what steps to follow when that time comes.

The home or hospice will contact you and inform you where the Medical Certificate of Death may be collected from.

If death is sudden, suspicious, accidental or unexplained the police should be called, they will arrange for a doctor to attend the scene. The deceased will be taken to the public mortuary where a post mortem examination will normally be carried out.

In Hospital:
Usually when Death occurs in hospital you will be required to arrange to collect the death certificate from the hospital. This is generally (but not always) via the Bereavement Office.
When someone dies in hospital, hospital staff will arrange for a doctor to issue the Medical Certificate Of Cause Of Death which you need to collect, along with any belongings from the hospital.
If the funeral is to be a cremation, please advise the hospital staff so they can make arrangements for any additional documentation that is needed.

Once in possession of the death certificate, you are now ready to make arrangements to register the death.

Registering A Death

When someone dies at home and the death was not sudden, you need to telephone their GP to arrange for the issue of a death certificate. This is essential to register the death (which must be registered within seven days of death).

If a death is unexpected the Coroner will be involved, and the Coroner’s officer will provide updates about when the death can be registered.

When a loved-one dies unexpectedly at home, the Coroner’s removal company will take away the body. There is no requirement to use this company to take charge of the funeral arrangements. You are of course free to make your own choice of funeral director, also you may already have an existing prepaid Funeral Plan with your own funeral director.

The Registrar will need to know:
• Date and Place of Death
• Full Name of the Deceased
• Occupation of the Deceased
• Address of the Deceased
• Next of kin
• Name of person registering death

Opening hours for the local Registrars’ offices are as follows:

Gateshead Register Office
Gateshead Civic Centre Regent Street Gateshead
Tel: (0191) 433 2207 or (0191) 433 2208

Newcastle Register Office
Civic Centre Newcastle Upon Tyne NE1 8PS
Tel: (0191) 211 5091

Things To Think Of

Before the Funeral Director’s visit there are some things for you to think about, including:
• Type of funeral - Burial or Cremation.
• Type of service - Religious, Semi-Religious or Humanist
• Service Music
• Location of funeral
• Arrangements for after the service - refreshments, etc

Payment Options
It’s always difficult to talk about money. However you will be required to pay what are known as ‘Third Party fees’ at the time of arranging a funeral. These fees - sometimes called the ‘disbursements’ are those we have to pay out on your behalf: Medical and cremation certificates, Crematorium fees, Clergy or Humanist fee, for example.

You can pay the balance at the same time, or be invoiced after the funeral.

Alternatively, a growing number of people prefer to take out a pre-paid Funeral Plan in advance, and for which there are several options:

Pre-Paid Funeral Plans
W. Lauderdale & Son Funeral Services have supported and cared for bereaved families since1946. With our pre-paid funeral plans, you have the comfort of knowing all arrangements have been taken care of in advance - and according to your wishes. It is a safe and efficient way to plan and pay for your funeral. These plans offer an excellent way to set out your funeral wishes and also remove a future financial burden for your family when you die.

We offer several bespoke funeral plan payment options, working with our funeral planning trust, Ecclesiastical Planning Services: • Payment outright • Initial deposit followed by monthly payments over one to five years
• Funeral plans can be arranged at any convenient time at our office - alternatively, home appointments can be arranged if preferred.

Metting The Funeral Director

When you meet the Funeral Director remember he is there to guide you through the difficult process of funeral arrangements. He is a skilled and experienced professional, so don’t be afraid to ask questions.

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