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Optional Extras

To help make the funeral that bit more memorable and special to you

Service sheets have been designed to guide you through a Church Funeral Service.
Service sheets have become vastly more popular within services at the Crematorium as the years have gone by.
We can help provide you with service sheets which are designed and printed by ‘Team Valley Printers’ who deliver a high quality and speedy reasonable service.

We understand how stressful organising a funeral can be. Having arranged the funeral service and informed friends, family and colleagues of the details, you may want to spend time after the funeral with your guests. Most families will hold a ‘wake’ at a venue and offer refreshments and catering. Although us at Lauderdale’s don’t offer catering we can recommend our local caterers who have helped our families in the past
– Crescent Café – Dunston
– Barry’s Home Bakery – Dunston
– Simply Deli – Dunston

A horse drawn funeral carriage is an impressive and reverent way to pay your last respects to the deceased. Plumed horses, feathers and Victorian livery can all be decorated in a variety of colours and styles to reflect the taste of the deceased and act as a very personal tribute and handled by a skilled team to ensure a dignified procession.